About DICA


DICA Engineering, Design and Construction is a family business that specializes in Public Works, Residential, and Commercial Construction based in San Diego. DICA was established in Mexico in the year of 2000 and was later incorporated in California in 2012.Our staff provides over 21 years of experience collectively, in the local municipalities, government and private sectors. 

At DICA we will be with you every step of the process, from taking care of permits to helping clients finalize decisions. We’re committed to helping you get the space you’ve always wanted. Just give us a call or write us a note and we’ll get back to you soon.


Timely Manner

We understand the importance of sticking to a schedule and getting things done on time. One of our strengths is always finishing on time or even beforehand.


Quality is assured throughout the whole process until the very end. We put our best foot forward everyday to ensure success.


We act with honor and truthfulness and expect everyone who works with us to do so as well. Honesty and integrity are central to what we believe in.


We do not waste time, energy, money and materials. We do everything in an efficient and effective manner to reach success.